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Building Innovation & Technology is a blog of collection of civil engineering aspects and construction technologies which are unheard. In my every blog, every title, every image and every word, an innovation lies…

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Cracks in the concrete – Are they really serious?

(Well a couple of months ago, Piu’s 2 storey house was built sucessfully. A beginning of new daily routine, being habitual to new environment and people, interior decorating with poshed furnishings and unforgettable smell of new house! All were going great at sudden he noticed something very surprising in his house. Chiru, his fire brigadeContinue reading “Cracks in the concrete – Are they really serious?”

Why are columns shaped and structured particularly?

Underground construction… tunnels… concrete… water pipes… Did you got too underground? No worries today I have something more interesting information for you, to make you think about their structure and architecture along with its varied shapes. Advertisements Yes, I’m talking about the vertical lines casted and constructed for bearing the load of building – Columns.Continue reading “Why are columns shaped and structured particularly?”


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