A virus outside the computer

It’s 8:15 a.m. and absolutely as usual late for my 8:00 am daily soap. I was busy fastening my wrist watch, rustling all the books with my new unbranded clinging earphones, unplugging my smartphone and my steps speeded up out my house for the very first lecture. I’m sure most of you might have started their morning hurry to get at their offices, opening laptops, calling, mailing and the day goes over. This techno-chain would snap off by frequent use of electronic media and data transmission which has demolished the health of computer.


In those days, we were just aware of virus in the computer until a virus outside the computer invaded in the whole world! It seemed like the technologies and inventions built for faster, better and easier lives are now hampered and shutdown. After lockdown, coronavirus created a wreak havoc on markets, industries and businesses around the world. I was partly happy for no more daily exercises to get ready for college, but my immatured mind realised late that situation was even worse.

COVID-19, the raving word with all letters capital and two numerics was found to spread haphazardly like a fire in the forest. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared this virus as pandemic for spreading at least in 170 countries and territories. When the death rates increased in India, I had to put finger on my lips for not uttering to go out.

The multinational companies and software sectors started a new way of interrupting happy quarantine of their employees by allowing them to work from home. College faculties too got inspired and started online lectures and assignments. Fortunately, schools are still closed. But truly, businesses and startups have faced a severe heart break. One can hardly estimate the loss and the struggle required to tackle up.

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As people are advised to stay at home and avoid contact with others, a cascade of cancellations and postponements of major events from tech & sports to entertainment & politics has wiped off the calendar. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, IPL 2020, EA eSports, many movie blockbusters, singing concerts, stage shows and competitions, council meetings, political party speeches, etc. have either altered release dates or cancelled until 3 months.

In all these shutdowns, the groceries are a beacon of light for providing my favourite biscuits and all daily essentials to people. Medical facilities, police force, emergency services are also not behind in providing relief to all. Inspite of restricted production these are meeting the requirements appreciably.

Since past many decades, no one had ever seen such huge nuisance in the world! This has even brought threat to the economy breaking the supply chain of human lifestyle. The ill-effects will also continue after corona outbreak if human tends to carry forward the current environmental conditions. We all should take a challenge to restore the virus again inside the computer and have efficient use of technologies with due care. And surely, I’m missing my college moreโ€ฆ

30 thoughts on “A virus outside the computer

  1. Reblogged this on craig's thoughts and commented:
    Hi Shrewa
    Thanks for the follow (and/or like)
    I just realised my days are determined and lead down paths from the feedback by my readers and followers around the world, like you. So thanks for the input.
    All your comments and feedback encourage (greatly), uplift and even inspire me to follow “this road less travelled”.
    I love my days “interacting with you’ guys and gals’ (and anything else in these PC * days-very)”
    “sleepy-head and totally non PC” craig
    “the world’s fourth worst writer”
    * and definitely NOT a police constable)
    “Driven to uplift, encourage and (perhaps even) inspire”
    …”of chaos” (in the “real world”, so says “the nurse”)
    Together, one mind, one soul, one life, one small step at a time, let’s plant seeds of hope, then march together towards a better future…a far brighter tomorrow
    pic (below-great) from

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  2. The opinion that it is essential for people to be prepared and well informed is also on the list of Romanians’ priorities, but the main place in the local ranking is held by the conviction that we must react together and that we will get over it if we remain united. Both countries with few restrictions and those with severe restrictions are most affected by constraints related to: leaving home, the feeling of freedom and social interaction. Instead, in Romania, among the most important difficulties to manage is the loss of the feeling of security.

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  3. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. You post reflects many of our thoughts. Our world now has a common enemy, and we must fight it together. Quarantine is the only way. However, I’m amazed at people who want our past normal back right now! We need to see this through together and united.

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  4. This is a marvelous web site and you have “nailed” it relative to the virus outside the computer. My wife and I have been “locked down” now for six weeks. I have been able to work from home but not nearly as efficiently as being on-site. I’m not too sure when I can get back to some degree of normalcy but I’m thinking possibly mid-May. Then again, who knows. Love you post. Great writing.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment. The situation everywhere is getting more worse day by day. Hoping for good is only in our hands. But in this crisis too, we must give ourselves a thought of innovating better, giving birth to creative ideas and implementing them. Working on the same path and more excited to serve info better!


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