The journey of HEIGHTS

Burj Khalifa in Dubai was the only tallest building known to me so far unless I piled up a list for all tall buildings since centuries. My pen stroked word by word, eyes grooming every sentence, face puzzles question mark and my brain full of exclamations! This journey brought my all blurred knowledge on paper finally satisfied.

The trend of tallest buildings started nearly 4000 years ago! 145 metres high ‘The Great Pyramid of Giza’, Egypt was built and other buildings raised over. Let’s not go so back, many structures have a remarkable achievement in their probe. Many of you might get the technical info from internet, but learning something knowledgeable needs an Oh Wow information. So go through the whole blog!

      Country                    : Philadelphia, USA
      Height (meter/feet): 167/548
      Floors                        : 9
      Completion year     : 1901
      Tallest period           : 1894 to 1908
      Do you know?
      This is the world’s largest free standing masonry building made of brick, white marble, limestone and granite and functions as the seat of government for the city of Philadelphia.

      Country                     : New York City, USA
      Height (meter/feet): 187/612
      Floors                        : 41 (+1 ground)
      Completion year     : 1908
      Demolished              : 1968
      Tallest period           : 1908 to 1909
      Do you know?
      The fourth-tallest building destroyed and the second-tallest to be purposely demolished by its owner.

      Country                     : New York City, USA
      Height (meter/feet): 213/700
      Floors                        : 50
      Completion year     : 1909
      Tallest period           : 1909 to 1913
      Do you know?
      It’s composed of two sections- a 700 ft tall tower at the northwest corner of the block, at Madison Avenue and 24th Street and a shorter east wing occupying the remainder of the block bounded by Madison Avenue, Park Avenue South, 23rd Street and 24th Street.


      Country                     : New York City, USA
      Height (meter/feet): 241/792
      Floors                        : 55
      Completion year     : 1912
      Tallest period           : 1913 to 1930
      Do you know?
      It remains one of the 100 tallest buildings
in the United States, more than a century
after its construction.

      Country                     : 40 Wall Street, New York City, USA
      Height (meter/feet): 283/927
      Floors                        : 72
      Completion year     : 1930
      Tallest period           : Apr 1930 to May 27, 1930
      Do you know?
      This received the title of the world’s tallest building by competing against Woolworth Building in 1928. It was called as ‘Race into the sky’.

      Country                     : New York City, USA
      Height (meter/feet): 319/ 1046
      Floors                        : 77
      Completion year     : 1930
      Tallest period           : May 27, 1930 to May 1, 1930
      Do you know?
      Competition with 40 Wall Street and the Empire State Building to become the world’s tallest building. Although the building was built and designed for the car manufacturer,
the corporation did not pay for its construction and never owned it; rather, Walter Chrysler (Chief of the corporation) decided to pay for it himself so that his children could inherit it.

      Country                     : New York City, USA
      Height (meter/feet): 381/1250
      Floors                        : 102
      Completion year     : 1931
      Tallest period           : 1931 to 1970 (City tallest until 2012)
      Do you know?
      This structure is known as an American cultural icon featured in more than 250 TV shows and movies since 1933. The tower has been named as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

      Country                     : New York City, USA
      Height (meter/feet): 417/1368
      Floors                        : 1 and 2 WTC: 110 floors, 3 WTC: 22 floors, 4 and 5 WTC: 9 floors, 6 WTC: 8 floors, 7 WTC: 47 floors
      Completion year     : 1964
      Demolished              : 2001
      Tallest period           : 1970 to 1973
      Do you know?
      It had major role in popular culture of New York City and was depicted in 472 films!

      Country                     : Chicago, USA
      Height (meter/feet): 442/1451
      Floors                        : 110 (+3 basement floors)
      Completion year     : 1973
      Tallest period           : 1973 to 1998
      Do you know?
      First building designed innovatively as nine square “tubes” (separate buildings), clustered in a 3Γ—3 matrix forming a square base with 225-foot (69 m) sides.

      Country                     : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      Height (meter/feet): 452/1483
      Floors                        : 88 (+5 below ground)
      Completion year     : 1998
      Tallest period           : 1998 to 2004
      Do you know?
      Designed with steel and glass facade to resemble motifs in Islamic art and the cross-section is similar to bottom of Qutub Minar.

(11) TAIPEI 101
      Country                     : Taipei, Taiwan
      Height (meter/feet): 509/1671
      Floors                        : 101
      Completion year     : 2004
      Tallest period           : 2004 to 2010
      Do you know?
      Platinum rated structure withstands the Pacific Rim’s earthquakes and the region’s tropical storms.

      Country                     : Dubai, UAE
      Height (meter/feet): 828/2717
      Floors                        : 154 +9 maintenance
      Completion year     : 2010
      Do you know?
      Existing tallest building in the world winning awards and records also remarks in several suicide cases.

This overviews that New York City has started its journey quite earlier. Anyways the list doesn’t end here. Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is planning to be the world’s first 1 km (3,281 ft) high building yet paused for today. Dubai is also not satisfied with the great Burj Khalifa, constructing Dubai Creek Tower until 2021. This post-war era has brought many skyscrapers limiting to sky in world’s most developed cities today.

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