Tunnels – Most fascinating Wonder of Civil Engineering

Recollecting those long stretches of voyaging when I was a little child, incredibly energized experiencing the passage, shouting and hands embracing quiet nature. These are recollections with us all. Without a doubt these underground structures are intriguing filling the very need of travel frameworks. One should get some information about how these are simply developed, those semi circular segments running so smooth, the board of lights, stature of structure, boring of such mountain, and so on.

Underground structure fills for mass transit need, yet in addition utilized with respect to mining activities, water flexibly operations and powerhouses, fuel and different materials stockpiling ,additionally for basic foundation like exploration labs.

First Tunnel?

It is discovered that the first tunnel was made by the Egyptians and the Babylonians, 4000 years prior. This tunnel effectively connected two structures in Babylon. The association was from the illustrious castle to the sanctuary. The length of this passage was seen as 910m, which was brick lined. Additionally, the biggest tunnel in ancient occasions was developed among Naples and Pozzuoli, in 36.B.C. This passage was 4800-foot-long, 25-foot-wide and 30 foot in stature. It was a street tunnel. During the second half of the twentieth century, the turn of events and progress of explosives and refined gear were prospered, that made the burrowing procedure more feasible. The tunneling, work better for different approaches under different circumstances. It is hence dependent on the experience and the knowledge of the engineer. Mainly the tunneling works are carried out by the civil engineers, under various conditions. It is thus reliant on the experience and the information on the designer. For the most part the burrowing works are completed by the structural specialists.


Do you know how tunnel routes are selected?

Tunneling Construction

The two main factors that help in the efficient route of the tunnel are the alignment restraints and the environmental considerations. The underground, as we are probably aware is heterogeneous in nature. An appropriate review on the idea of soil, rock, the water table level, and all the arrangement restrictions must be made before fixing the course.

The site choosing for tunneling is such a way, that the burden and trouble that is caused to the earth around there including living is least.

The burrowing technique picked relies upon the ground conditions, the water table level, the passage drive length and the distance across, the tunnel profundity, last utility prerequisites, the state of the tunnel and the risk of construction.

How is Tunneling Construction done?

Several methods are practised according to the materials, environment conditions, economy, structure of tunnel, it’s purpose, etc. Here’s a glimpse of these techniques.

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Which is better – open cuts or tunnels?

Open cuts and tunnels

There are consistently debate emerging on the cost that is devoured between the open cuts and the tunneling techniques, to close which is progressively prudent. Consider the following factors :

a) Open cuts are discovered expensive at profound cutting for soil with varying nature and inclines. This strategy will represent the enormous volume of exhuming, which is costly. At this circumstance, tunneling technique will bring more economy than the open cuts.

b) When the material of drilling is rock, open cut performs well with less measure of removal and finds less expensive. While tunneling method is discovered hard to show its action.

c) Based on the necessity of material for nearby filling, an open cut strategy can be proposed, however the tunneling is found similarly practical in working. For depth of cutting more noteworthy than 60 feet, the strategy for burrowing is constantly suggested.

Whenever we talk about long tunnels, a question of suffocation problem pops in our mind. There are different sorts of ventilation structures in tunnel construction during its development and activity. Most part is done by drill and blast strategy, which have numerous wellbeing and medical problems because of the emission of dust and many poisonous gasses. A tunnel should possess to encourage useful, agreeable and a safe sheltered condition for both mass transit systems.

I’m sure you guys too have a story which enriches your memories while travelling in a tunnel. Do share in the comment box๐Ÿ‘‡

Shreya Chaudhari
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23 thoughts on “Tunnels – Most fascinating Wonder of Civil Engineering

  1. Indeed! Tunnels are the marvels of engineering but I’m always amused to see the megastructures built earlier by the people when there was no advanced technology. How they did it? – I always ask myself.

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    1. Oh yeah! It’s under construction and many of such activities would be seen there! It’s great that you had a live experience of itโ˜บ๏ธ that feeling is very different.
      Thanks for visiting my blog ๐Ÿค—

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