Building Columns Failure as a Major Threat

Building Columns Failure as a Major Threat

Columns serve the major role of supporting the load of building by transmitting weight of the structure above to other structural elements below. They not only bear vertical building loads but also resist wind and earthquake loads, naming it as a compressive member. A major threat is assured with the columns failure. So, it’s not affordable to take for granted about the material strength, casting and concreting and it’s durability.

A column failure scenario will bring something like this in your eyeslides, but it is definitely not!!!

Concrete failure

Antiquity tells us about the ample use of varied stones as column construction material which actually proved full …..

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6 thoughts on “Building Columns Failure as a Major Threat

  1. Today with the amount of earthquakes around the world, the columns play an important role in the construction of buildings. I imagine that the regulations for this case must be very strict. The photo is eloquent that there were major construction failures. Very interesting topic. A good week for you.

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