Cracks in the concrete – Are they really serious?

(Well a couple of months ago, Piu’s 2 storey house was built sucessfully. A beginning of new daily routine, being habitual to new environment and people, interior decorating with poshed furnishings and unforgettable smell of new house! All were going great at sudden he noticed something very surprising in his house. Chiru, his fire brigade was invited to his house. Now let’s see what’s happening here.)

Chiru : You called me for a such lame thing? I mean these minor cracks in the wall won’t let collapse your house.

Piu : But genuine wondering, how a newly built house can have cracks?

Cracks in new house

Chiru : See, these settlement cracks are perfectly normal and occur as a result of your new house due to its weight – settling in on its foundations. Every new building settles, but with the correct designing and provision of expansion joints, the cracks will be limited and will begin to appear less. This ‘settling’ process can take up to three years and is a normal part of the change in temperature, the drying out of the cement, plaster, bricks and so on.

Piu : What is this expansion joint??

Chiru : It is joint provided intentionally into the walls to ensure that the different sections of the walls can move independently of each other, without compromising the strength of the walls. Also, at intervals to control where and how cracks will occur in concrete.

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