Cracks in the concrete – Are they really serious?

(Well a couple of months ago, Piu’s 2 storey house was built sucessfully. A beginning of new daily routine, being habitual to new environment and people, interior decorating with poshed furnishings and unforgettable smell of new house! All were going great at sudden he noticed something very surprising in his house. Chiru, his fire brigadeContinue reading “Cracks in the concrete – Are they really serious?”

Building Columns Failure as a Major Threat

Columns serve the major role of supporting the load of building by transmitting weight of the structure above to other structural elements below. They not only bear vertical building loads but also resist wind and earthquake loads, naming it as a compressive member. A major threat is assured with the columns failure. So, it’s notContinue reading “Building Columns Failure as a Major Threat”

Why are columns shaped and structured particularly?

Underground construction… tunnels… concrete… water pipes… Did you got too underground? No worries today I have something more interesting information for you, to make you think about their structure and architecture along with its varied shapes. Advertisements Yes, I’m talking about the vertical lines casted and constructed for bearing the load of building – Columns.Continue reading “Why are columns shaped and structured particularly?”

Important Stages of Development of Underground Water Systems

As observed earlier, we came across about the construction of tunnel marking it as transit system for transport of man and machines. It too serves as water supply system conveying importance in this blog. Two millennia ago, the ancient Romans utilized large aqueducts to transport water from higher heights by building the water channels inContinue reading “Important Stages of Development of Underground Water Systems”

Tunnels – Most fascinating Wonder of Civil Engineering

Recollecting those long stretches of voyaging when I was a little child, incredibly energized experiencing the passage, shouting and hands embracing quiet nature. These are recollections with us all. Without a doubt these underground structures are intriguing filling the very need of travel frameworks. One should get some information about how these are simply developed,Continue reading “Tunnels – Most fascinating Wonder of Civil Engineering”

Reinforcements are backbone of the building – by Piu & Chiru

(Yes, you heard right, those two idiotic friends of mine who met you before signifying importance of cement are now interested to guide you even further. For a recall, Piu’s house was getting to be renovated and was still in under-construction, while Chiru is a resourceful girl. So now, let’s see what his house isContinue reading “Reinforcements are backbone of the building – by Piu & Chiru”

How Coronavirus lead to Great Delays in the Construction World?

A picture adjacent to the catastrophe of economy of the country imparting to perform a major role needs to be studied. Construction delays are considered as time lag in completion of activities from its specified time as per contract which mostly supervene due to overcosts, overtime, disputes, negotiations etc. These causes got dominated by deadlyContinue reading “How Coronavirus lead to Great Delays in the Construction World?”

Birds – Nature’s Best Engineers!

Human indeed has developed himself past several years in various disciplines of improving lifestyles. Concerning my blogs so far, we have seen about many buildings and monuments which are built by cement concrete, bricks, rocks, marbles, etc. Can anything think about a construction without these materials? The answer is definitely a big NO! as theContinue reading “Birds – Nature’s Best Engineers!”

Seven Wonders of the World!

My mom yesterday acknowledged and praised me for creating a World Wonder! I wished what you imagined now was true but my wonder got limited upto cooking dinner. Well whenever we talk about wonders of the world our eyes start a slideshow of few pictures of beautiful structures and interestingly, these pictures are never exactContinue reading “Seven Wonders of the World!”

Economy Insights: Jio-Facebook Deal

Past several days, a highlighting step has taken by Facebook and Jio in this jolted and disrupted Indian economy by the Coronavirus. It’s worth analysing who the potential winners and losers are in this deal, as well as any possible red flags. Facebook has a good reason to focus on Indian market, as it isContinue reading “Economy Insights: Jio-Facebook Deal”

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